About Us

In 2016, we created France's first private Sneaker community, sending automated alerts for limited edition sneaker releases and restocks to facilitate their purchases: MTHOR CLUB.

The Club boasts thousands of members in France and internationally.

In 2021, we launched MTHOR SHOP.

MTHOR Shop specializes in the resale of limited edition sneakers.

MTHOR Shop comprises 2 physical stores: Nice & Cannes, and an e-commerce website.

MTHOR CLUB is more than just a dynamic sneaker community; it's now our own network of buyers that we train in best practices to optimize their chances of purchasing sneakers.

As a result, we master the Global Logistics Chain in the complex limited edition sneaker market: from sourcing to quality control to distribution to the end customer.

In 2022, MTHOR CLUB became the first consignment network in France!